Friday, 15 February 2008

iPhoto alternative found! Photo Mechanic - retains your directory structure, doesn't have its ownf format for your photos, allows editing of EXIF metadata

I've been trying to move my photos to my new iMac, but the vexed issue
of whether or not to use iPhoto is.. uh, pretty vexing. I've heard
iPhoto stores all of its photos in pretty much one database file, and
I've got about 50Gb of photos accumulated over the past 5 years, so I
want to be sure that 1) it won't slow down to a crawl and try to load
all my photos every time it runs; 2) will retain any EXIF information
I have in them and allow edits to them as well.

I found this blog entry about a program called PhotoMechanic that
seems to fit the bill and do a lot that I've gotten used to in Picasa
on the PC. It retains all the photos in their own directories,
according to how I've organised them, it allows editing of a *lot* of
EXIF metadata (which on the PC i perform using the excellent utility
Exifr), and it doesn't force you to add them to its database of

It doesn't allow photo editing, and is not as good at slideshows, but
I don't do much of the latter anyway. I hope I find a clean way of
integrating the photo editing into my photo workflow.

I'll download it and see if it's a better fit with the way I use my photos.

<2 minutes later>

Oh great. They don't sell it online.

"We do not have web sales setup yet. To place an order for the
products above, please contact Camera Bits, Inc. directly. We accept
Visa, Mastercard, and American Express credit cards for payment."

Haven't these people heard of Kagi? (
Shareware vendors have been using this for years!

Where is my Picasa for OS X? Pleeeease, Google-matrix-skynet, out with
it already! But put in a plug-in architecture so that people can
develop Flickr uploaders. I know you have your Picasa Web Albums but
it's not in the same league, not even the same country, not even the
same planet as Flickr.

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