Tuesday, 22 February 2011



In your life there's someone waiting,
lost on streets that no one travels
In my dream I see this meeting,
we're a knot that fate unravels

But beyond our shameless sorrow,
catch me if I'm with the wind
We may be the sky tomorrow,
we're a branch that will not bend

The world is spinning through my head
Your gravity won't let me go,
You're holding me together,
No one ever has to know

I'm a dream and you're fading away, 
I'm a dream and you're fading away 

In your face there's someone sleeping,
lost in years that no one's counting
The only way to hear the weeping,
suffering is like a fountain

Everything is far away now,
held beyond our nameless sorrow
Shifting streets that no one wanders,
lose the days, we only borrow