Thursday, 28 September 2006

I never believed in multitasking in the workplace

"The shortest way to do many things is to do only one thing at once."
- Samuel Smiles

Sunday, 24 September 2006

flickr: wayne freaking flaming coyne

Sometimes you're just randomly clicking on flickr, minding your own business, then you come across a photo that completly floors you. I cannot even begin to describe my awe at this photo.

I really have to see the Flaming Lips next time they're in Sydney.

Hmmm.. can I afford to wait that long?

What if they suddenly go all Radiohead on us and become annoyingly contrary and anti-fame, "waa waah waaah.. we're too popular, everybody acts like they like us, waa waaa, let's make albums full of bleeping sounds and piss off the classic rock kind of crowd, let's stick to the cool crowd fan base, but let's keep my whining singing voice..."

Whups, went off on a tangent there. Sorry. I guess I still haven't gotten over Kid A. Heh.

7 Feb 2010
Shit, what a dumbass.. why didn't I download the photo?? Shit. No longer available on Flickr. Fuck. The photo was totally awesome. Sorry if anyone reads this and wonders

Thursday, 21 September 2006

From Outlook to Thunderbird pt3

OLEXP: How to Import MMF File into Outlook Express:

MAPI error messages when you import or export messages:;EN-US;Q179637

How to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP:

How to Import Archived Outlook Email Into GMail Using GML:

"1. Import your Outlook mailbox into Microsoft Outlook Express. Open
Outlook, then open Outlook Express. In Outlook Express, select Tools > Import, and instruct it to import Mail from Outlook.

2. Download and install Mozilla Thunderbird, an open source replacement for Outlook from the people who make Firefox. Be sure during the installation process to have Thunderbird import your mail from Outlook Express. Installing Thunderbird allows extraction of your old mail from Microsoft's proprietary (and difficult) PST file format into a more open
mBox file. While Thunderbird offers the option to import mail directly from Microsoft Outlook, the data is less likely to get corrupted if you add the intermediate step of importing to Outlook Express. "



O2M (formerly known as Outlook2Mac) may be the fastest way to move your Windows(r) Outlook(r) email, contacts, and calendar appointments from your PC to your Macintosh(r) computer!

And it's only $10!


"It is easy to do From Outlook Express to Thunderbird

But if you are trying to import your emails from outlook 2003 pst file but TB does strip all html stuff and you get plain txt emails instead of some beautiful email ....

Then you must do this..

Import it into Outlook Express, and then import it from Outlook Express into Thunderbird. That solves most Outlook import problems.

It also doesn't hurt to doublecheck "view->message body as" is set to "original html".

That was exactly what you do , Thunderbird will not "find" you Outlook 2k3 which is installed on your system. So do the Outlook --> OE --> TB and it works fine for email, about 600MB transfered into TB in less then 2 minutes!

The Contacts, however, you needed to export to a CSV and then put the columns in the correct order.

Somebody in another thread recommended using the shareware program Outlook2Mac to convert a .pst file to mbox's (the format thunderbird uses to store emails) if you don't have a copy of Outlook installed.

You might want to try converting the address book with Dawn if you have order problems.

Good luck..let me know who it all works out for YOU."

Wednesday, 20 September 2006

outlook mail conversion pt2

i thought i could use this:

but turn out it doesnt handle Outlook 2003 (according to the forums),
which i use at work.

converting Outlook mail to mbox format

Has there ever been a task more hideous?

Just tried using a program called "ABC Amber Outlook Converter". What a
piece of shit! I ran it and the first thing it does is try to convert
ALL of my .pst files it detected from Outlook, and the gui locks up,
leaving me no alternative but to shut it down. F*ck. I hate badly
designed software. Before you try and do some gargantuan task, at least
they should inform the user and give them a chance to *not* run the
process. Aaargh..

Oooh, talk like a Pirate Day was yesterday, 19 Sept... ARRRRR...

Next in line - Thunderbird! I used Netscape Mail long ago to convert
Outlook... but that was in 1999. Does Thunderbird handle compressed
Outlook 2003 .pst files? We'll find out...