Wednesday, 20 September 2006

converting Outlook mail to mbox format

Has there ever been a task more hideous?

Just tried using a program called "ABC Amber Outlook Converter". What a
piece of shit! I ran it and the first thing it does is try to convert
ALL of my .pst files it detected from Outlook, and the gui locks up,
leaving me no alternative but to shut it down. F*ck. I hate badly
designed software. Before you try and do some gargantuan task, at least
they should inform the user and give them a chance to *not* run the
process. Aaargh..

Oooh, talk like a Pirate Day was yesterday, 19 Sept... ARRRRR...

Next in line - Thunderbird! I used Netscape Mail long ago to convert
Outlook... but that was in 1999. Does Thunderbird handle compressed
Outlook 2003 .pst files? We'll find out...

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