Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Workaround for Ubuntu 12 bug with Chrome - can't rearrange tabs

I have started using OneTab plugin to do this, where I would collapse
all tabs into a OneTab page, then rearrange them, but this would also

"Two workarounds for this:

To move tabs left or right in a single window you can use
Ctrl+Shift+PgUp and Ctrl+Shift+PgDown.

To move tabs between two Chromium windows you need to set the
destination window to be "Always on top". Then dragging a tab from the
source window to the destination would actually allow the tab to be
inserted in the destination window, as expected."

Monday, 10 June 2013

From an ex-friends' post on St Augustine.

"That is why the Philippines is one of, if not the most blest people
in this earth by God. Suffering is strongest in Love and it works both
ways, for God and us his people. That is the reason why life in the
Philippines is always difficult. No man or anybody is meant to make it
otherwise, because God harvests millions of souls from our country. He
gives our people suffering as a divine gift in purifying souls that is
a requirement for us to enter the kingdom of God. He loves us so much
that suffering is His blessing so that we will always love Him back
above all else, and never look elsewhere."

I can't believe it. This is from a guy named after a leader of the
Russian Revolution. What happened? What made him give up, to accept
that suffering is our lot in life and is a blessing? What twisted
logic! What kind of insecure 5-year old god is this, to make people
suffer so that they pay more attention to him? Accept your situation,
don't try to make it better, suffering makes you better for the
afterlife. Holy shit.

Oh wait, Sherlock. What if there is no afterlife? What if this is all
we have? What then? No second chances, no upgrades to first-class at
journey's end. What have you done with your life if all you did is
suffer, hoping that you get a better deal in the next one?