Thursday, 21 October 2010

GTKPod troubles in Fedora 11

NOTE: this happened a while ago, but I never solved this problem. I
ended up using another program, I think.


Just when I thought Fedora was good enough for normal use, (Fedora 11)
here comes a use case to stop me in my tracks.

Plugged in the iPod. Got mounted as a HD.

Ran GTKPod. No iPod recognised. Hmm... how to make it recognise the
iPod. See Help..

"...if the iPod cannot be mounted then gtkpod is NOT going to do it
for you! Thus, before firing up gtkpod make sure you can see the
filesystem of your iPod at its desginated mount point, eg. /mnt/ipod."

Ruh roh. Warning Warning.

"The result of this is that the ipod will be located on a device node
and this can be mounted manually using the command (performed as

mount /dev/sdc2 /mnt/ipod"

Tried running it:

sudo mount /dev/sdc2 /mnt/ipod
mount: mount point /mnt/ipod does not exist




What the hell do I do now?

Google it, google it.

Create the mount manually using:

sudo mkdir /mnt/ipod

Okay! Seems to have mounted it.

ls -l /mnt/ipod/
total 2295312

Back to GTKPod. Seems to have found my model #
xA003 - 60Gb, Video, 1st Gen

Ruh roh.

"Warning: Extended info will not be used"

Seems to be doing something. Hashing all my tracks. WTF? Do you need
to do this now?? I just want you to list them all.

Hmm.. "Duplicate detection. The following 3 duplicate tracks have been

What? "'Malcolm Gladwell Outliers 02': identical to 'Malcom Gladwell
Outliers 01'"

Okay, seems to have finished.

Now I want to get all the tracks by "2 Many DJs" onto my computer.
Should be easy right? In Sharepod, I just type in the search term, it
finds them, I select all of them then export.

But here, it has 3 panes, 2 of them for sorting and sub-sorting. I
select Artist "2 Many DJs", then "All" in 2nd tab. Then I get a dialog

"Export selected entry of which sort tab"

And a select box has "1 and 2". Is it so hard to recognise which tabs
are selected and present the names in the select box instead of just 1
and 2?

Click OK.

"Filename format" field is just waay too confusing. A bit of polish
and simpler tooltips here would be good. I wonder if this thing will

Click OK.

WTF is going on?? "Overwriting external media" - how come the
filenames are all ending in "..mp3"?? What the hell??

Fucking bullshit, now its hanging. No display update. No nothing. I
don't know WTF is going on!

SHIT. Linux FAIL yet again. Okay, Linux APP FAIL, to be accurate.


I hope killing the GTKPod process doesnt fuck up my iPod.

Okay, tried again. It didn't like having %o as the first format when
it said it didn't have Extended info

%a/%A/%T - %a - %t.m4a;%a/%A/%T - %a - %t.mp3;%a/%A/%T - %t.wav

works now.

Or so i thought.

Still nothing on the HD!