Friday, 3 June 2011

Hey Google: No love for Opera?

"As of August 1st, we will discontinue support for the following
browsers and their predecessors: Firefox 3.5, Internet Explorer 7, and
Safari 3."

"So if it's been a a while since your last update, we encourage you to
get the latest version of your favorite browser. There are many to
choose from:
• Chrome
• Firefox
• Internet Explorer
• Safari

I felt a teeny tiny disturbance in the Force... as if all 50 Opera
users suddenly cried out in terror at their favourite browser once
again being ignored and they can't shut up about it.

Randoms adding you on LinkedIn

You gotta wonder - "Bosnia and Herzegovina -
Transportation/Trucking/Railroad" - why would you even think of adding
me as a Friend?

How to export iPhone geolocation data

How to export iphone geolocation data so you can play around with the
data. I tried using some python scripts but they didn't work. Once I
exported the data, tried to use sqlite but the Firefox plugin is
really the best way to deal with sqlite.

* Get iPhone backup extractor from

* Run backup and export your iOS Files - I had 2 backups and the older
backup was the one with all the geolocation data.

* Using Firefox, install the SQLite Manager plugin. Using this
plugin, open the file /iOS

* Export the data - you can export as CSV, SQL, or XML

Now do an update of iphone to iOS 4.3.3 so it doesn't keep your retain
data anymore! (not too long anyway. they might keep it for a week,