Wednesday, 27 December 2006

My first post-apocalyptic dream

Well, maybe not the absolute first, but it's the first one I remember.

I was waiting in line, wearing my German army jacket, and another coat underneath. The line seemed to be for food rations, but the rations were freshly cooked, just like in Chinese takeaway shops. And they had a menu! I only remember seeing fried rice and tofu. I remember thinking, "Hmm.. I'd really like to get Ma Po Tofu, but I wonder if they have any mince pork."

I really should sleep earlier. Since starting the holidays I've been remembering a lot more of my dreams, though I think normally you finish the dreaming state and go back into "sleep" phase so most of the time you don't remember them anyway. But five hours of sleep a night doesn't seem to be enough. One more New Year's resolution!