Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Work research - build server, continuous integration, java+ruby+.Net

We're planning to use Ruby and Java and possibly a little .Net in our new project, so just keeping track of some notes and things I've been researching. This will probably look ugly and require formatting from me.

More SVN config TODO:

* set up SVN+SSSH - otherwise, how will automated builds connect to SVN?
* Web interface for Subversion
ViewVC - requires python, GNU diff
WebSVN - http://websvn.tigris.org
Polarion - http://www.polarion.org/index.php?page=overview&project=svnwebclient

Continuous Integration environments

Hudson - https://hudson.dev.java.net/
- handles maven2
- plugins for Jira, Findbugs, Violations (checkstyle, pmd, cpd and findbugs), Clover


Ruby -- http://cruisecontrolrb.thoughtworks.com/
Continuous Integration Automater. - http://dev.rubyonrails.org/file/tools/cia/trunk/README
Damage Control - http://damagecontrol.codehaus.org/
Cerberus CI tool for Rails - http://cerberus.rubyforge.org/
handles ALL:

Cruisecontrol - also has .Net

* Code Coverage
Emma - http://emma.sourceforge.net/samples.html - NO MAVEN PLUGIN - DOES NOT WORK IN INTELLIJ ANYMORE - works in cmd-line and Ant
Cobertura - http://cobertura.sourceforge.net/ - open source - originally from same source code as Clover... has Maven and Ant tasks
Clover - http://www.atlassian.com/software/clover/ - should integrate easily with Jira - supported everywhere! $2200 for team of 10.
features: http://www.atlassian.com/software/clover/whats-new.jsp

Utils to install on server:
Unix utils for win32
Zip - http://www.info-zip.org/

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