Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Interesting projects to write

Interesting scripts to write, just as an exercise. Write them in Ruby
then Python.

1. A script that goes through a directory of images and

- renames them, based on EXIF data with name format yyyymmdd-hhmmss.jpg
- creates directories for each distinct date




if the images in the directory are from 28 and 29 august

- (optional) if within the day there is a big gap in the batches of
images (ie, next image is 2 hrs later - have this gap specified in the
parameters), create a directory with " - [number]"


20070828 - 1

(because the next image timestamp is >=2 hrs later, this must be
another event, so better to have a separate directory)

20070828 - 2

2. The user types in a string and the program constructs an image or
web page with the message typed in "ransom note" format (ie, varying
font types per letter), with letter images fetched from Flickr

3. Go through all my entire Flickr photos and change licensing of all photos.

4. Go through all my mp3s and see if there are any podcasts that don't
have the "podcast" flag missing, then 'switch it on'

5. Get my bookmarks from, then upload to Google Bookmarks.

6. Go through all my photos and flag which ones
- are not readable
- have incomplete EXIF date info
- don't have thumbnails

7. Consolidate my tags. Right now I have some links tagged as "blog", and some are "blogs". Some are "book" and others are "books". Go through all the link tags, and based on which ones are in the majority, rename the tag with a smaller count to the one with the higher count.

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