Saturday, 21 April 2007

Getting problems with Taiyo Yuden

How ironic. I've started burning a backup set of my photos using my newly-opened stack of Taiyo Yuden DVD-R discs bought from MSY, the discs that are supposedly the best brand in the business, and I've already had 3 coasters, out of the 9 I've used so far.  I'm still checking if it's related to the speed that I'm using... previously I could only burn at 4x, even though the TDK case says 1-16x, and have rarely had issues.  But this time Nero displayed the 8x option as default, but it failed during verification.  I then tried burning at 6x but only got one disc fine,  then the second one also failed. I'll try using 4x for the next ones, after I finish with the TDK disc I'm using as "control" for my test.  Arrrgh.

So possible causes:

1. Burning speed - previously only burnt using 4x so I should try doing the TY discs at 4x
2. Hardware problem - forum posts I've seen have mentioned that sometimes the lens getting dirty can cause this, so I should try burning using the TDK DVD-R blanks I still have. 
3. The Taiyo Yuden DVDs I have are either fake or a bad batch.   (I'd like to think MSY only source from genuine dealers, but at those prices, kinda makes you wonder -- $53 for 100 Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs)

Not happy! >:(

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