Friday, 27 April 2007

Current linkies

A link in an old "starred" email in Gmail led me on this 2 hour round
of click, click, click, following links that took me for a bit more
reading on this low-level web 2.0 goodness:

* Triplr - online tool to transform feeds into different formats:

"Form a URI in your head that is format/input URI

Give that to a web browser or other application."

* geodata - free geographic data

"About Geonames
The geographical database is available for download free
of charge under a creative commons attribution license. It contains
over eight million geographical names and consists of 6.3 million
unique features whereof 2.2 million populated places and 1.8 million
alternate names. All features are categorized into one out of nine
feature classes and further subcategorized into one out of 645 feature
codes. (more statistics ...).

The data is accessible free of charge through a number of webservices
and a daily database export. is already serving up to
over 3 million web service requests per day."

* Comparison of JSON vs XML, and how with increasing complexity, both
of them start to look pretty.. well, complex:

* More JSON goodies:

* Yahoo Pipes - Just started playing around with this. Awesome stuff!

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