Thursday, 24 August 2006

Clerks 2, State Theatre, 22 August 2006

Went to Australian premiere of Clerks 2, with Q&A with Kevin Smith
afterwards. Made the BIG mistake of only lining up at 10 to 6. There
were probably a few hundred people before me, lined up from the State
Theatre entrance, down the alleyway beside the theatre, then going
back out again. By the time we were near the entrance the line was now
going down the side, back up, then out along Market St.

Kevin Smith introduced the film by saying, "This place is <i>way </i>too classy for a film like this"

There was 15 min break after the movie (finished around 9), then the
Q&A. It went on til 12pm! Originally Q&A was supposed to be 90 mins,
and it went for 150 (9.30-12).

Surprising, heart-warming story about Jason Mewes, his battle with
drugs and alcohol, and how cleaned up he was on this film, and he
played the role of cheerleader for the rest of the team.

Was his first time in Sydney, didn't think anyone gave a fuck over
here. Hah! And then the usual stuff about this place being really
nice, wanting to move here, bla bla. We lap it up anyway cos we love

Everyone except me, and my 2 other friends left. I knew my wife wasnt
really into it, but I thought one of my brothers might. Feh. They
missed out bigtime.

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