Saturday, 26 August 2006

Bebot bebot bet bebot bebot

Damn. My eyes are glazing over. Why don't you guys just get an interview with Apl so you can grill him over what the songs really mean?

"So Apl... what is the moral of your song? What is your mesasge to all the Filipinos out there?" (ala-Germspesyal questions)

Juskoday. It's a freaking song. A freaking bad song - bad rapping, incoherent lyrics. (not Snakes on a Plane bad.. you know what i mean)

Ang tawag sa lalake, "kelots", ang babae naman yung "bebot". It's not a derogatory term. It's just ancient 70s slang. Di ko nga maintindihan bakit niya ginamit yung salitang "bebot", considering I last heard it used around the early 80s. =)

APL: (rings a family friend) "Tito, I'm kinda writing this song, and like, it's gonna be like an anthem about Filipinos and pride and raising our game and shit, y'knowhamsaying, giving us visiblity, without any sampling issues like that Asin jam I had on the previous album. (cos i know we should've paid them royalties for using the bloody stanza of "Balita", but let's not get into that)

So, like, I was kinda wondering what's a Filipino term for 'mah gurl', or 'baybeee'"

Tito: E di Baby! Like your Tita Baby, you know? You know what I em saying also, ha?

APL: Yeah, well, it's kinda too American.. isn't there a Pinoy word, something indigeneous?

Tito: Ah, like "bebot", "chicas", "chicks".

APL: So, that's not a word that's gonna get me in trouble Tito? I'm not going for that snoop dogg angle.

Tito: Ay, hinde, iho, that's a word we used in college.. tandang tanda ko pa nung magkasama kami nina Tisoy at Pomposa... (harp strums, fade out.. flashback sequence)

Fek. Academe. Tends to remove intelligible words from vocabularies.

Check this out:

"i suggest that this focus might be a way for the female poet to harness the political power to be garnered from heteronormative sympathy for the manongs and then by extension/lateral movement to inherit a largely male tradition of filipino american writing established by manong-generation writers bulosan, gonzalez, santos, and villa as well as the flip generation of robles, tagatac, syquia, penaranda, and others."

Goddamn! That's supposed to be English?

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