Friday, 31 January 2014

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DFP Premium Help Center

Please remember that are two main ways to contact DFP. There is a
Contact Us link on all DFP Premium support page (near the upper right
hand part of the page). There is also a Report a Bug link in your DFP
account (also in the upper right hand corner of your page).

Getting Started Guide (high level overview)


Partner Directory

DFP Training Videos:

Release Notes

Other Resources

Google also provides additional tools to webmasters to help you track
traffic and improve your search rankings. If you have not signed up
already, you might want to at least take a quick look at them.

Google Analytics

Google Webmaster Tools


Google has been releasing quite a few webinars that people maybe
interested in. While not always specific to DFP, many of them are
helpful for webmasters and advertising in general.

You can register for Google Webinars here:

Or use their Calendar to see upcoming Webinars

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