Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Bloody hell. Simple WSRP demo works on Liferay Enterprise, but not on Liferay Community Edition

Spent a few days trying to get a simple "Hello World" portlet working
via WSRP, using 2 instances of Liferay running on my machine. Tried
6.0 CE. Didn't work. Saw a bug related to "Adding a WSRP Consumer",
JIRA said it was fixed in Liferay 6.1. Tried it on Liferay 6.1 CE as
consumer pointing to Liferay 6.0CE as producer: didn't work.

After a few days trying things like getting specific version of the
WSRP plugin to match the version of Liferay, multiple restarts, I've
now downloaded the Enterprise version of Liferay 6.0, matching it to
what we currently use in production.

I then set up a simple portlet as WSRP producer and then WSRP consumer
on the other Liferay instance: works perfectly.

Is this what they mean by "value-add"?

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