Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Dear Ticketmaster Australia: if a gig is sold out, just fucking tell me. I can handle it.

What I can't handle is being treated like an idiot and having my time wasted.

The fact that searching is allowed would naturally lead any user to
think that there is something to be found. But in this case, widening
my search to "Best Available" and "Any Price" still returns nothing!
If that's the case, why allow searches at all?

Instead of wasting everyone's time letting them search for tickets
that do not exist, just mention it upfront on the site if tickets have
sold out already. Don't waste my goddamn time!

What were your marketing fuckwits thinking? "Oh, maybe they'll stay
around longer on the site and buy tickets to something else!"

That's not how it works, assholes.

We just get pissed off and tell everyone your website is a piece of shit.

Unfortunately, consumers don't have any options as you and Ticketek
have the big events pretty much between yourselves.

Fuck. This.

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