Sunday, 6 September 2009

Safari annoyance: not remembering page history for tabs

This is a common situation for users like me who always have a lot of tabs open:

For one reason or another, you find yourself having to restart Safari.
Maybe AdBlock has updated its adserver list, or you find that Safari's
consuming too much memory and needs a kick in the bum. Whatever. The
nasty nasty thing about this is that you'll now have to work at making
sure all the tabs in all the windows you currently have open are
saved. The usual thing I've done in Safari is to create a bookmark for
each window containing all the tabs I have. Or if I only have one
window open, I just close it and then select "History" then "Reopen
All Windows From Last Session".

So fine, you reopen Safari, but then find yourself going at a
particular tab, "I'd like to go back to the page I was looking at
before I got to this one." But no, you can't! The Back button is
greyed out. I suppose you could look at the History menu and try to
find it there, but the problem is that in History, they are all just
grouped according to the time the site was opened, without any regard
for the particular tab you were on. When you restart Safari, you are
unable to trace the "route" you took to get to a particular page in a

This is not the case with Firefox and Opera. Now given that they *all*
use internal databases to retain info about the pages they've gone
through, I'd have thought Safari should be able to work similarly to
the other browsers. The question is: does Apple really give a shit?
For some unknown reason, I've actually started using Safari as my
default browser, despite the appeal of having umpteen zillion plugins
available in Firefox. It turns out that that having just the AdBlock
plugin is quite good enough for my normal usage patterns.

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