Sunday, 16 March 2008

Looking Through The Eyes of Love - chords

File under extra-cheesy. While doing some mp3 cleanup - for the nth night running - I found that I have two versions of this song. One by Melissa Manchester and the other is a version by Lea Salonga in concert.  

Blame it on my soft rock, love song-saturated childhood, but up to now I still like the song. Love it even, in my moments of supreme senti-ness. So much that I even sang it at karaoke. But only once. And with 4 other people. Way back in the early 90s. In a Chinese restaurant in Ashfield where we seemed to be the only ones who spoke English. (Or so we liked to believe, just to make us feel less guilty at inflicting our singing on them.)

And here are the chords, lifted from another page on the web that automatically plays a karaoke-ish MIDI file when you view it.  Dontcha hate those?

(Theme from Ice Castles)
Melissa Manchester

C                                        CM7
Please, don't let this feeling end
It's everything I am
                    F                F-Em-Dm
Everything I want to be
         G               Em    Am Am-Em-Dm
I can see what's mine now
             G              Em  Am7
Finding out what's true
         F   E7   Am   Am7-D7
Since I found you
              Dm                         G
Looking through the eyes of love

C                            CM7
Now, I can take the time
I can see my life
                         F                F-Em-Dm
As it comes up shining now
                G       Em   Am  Am-Em-Dm
Reaching out to touch you
         G        Em    Am7
I can feel so much
         F  E7    Am  Am7-D7
Since I found you
             Dm             G         C
Looking through the eyes of love
        Am     Em    Am
And now, I do believe
         Em          F             G              C
That even in a storm we'll find some light
Dm         Em          F                    G
Knowing you're beside me, I'm all right
Please, don't let this feeling end
It might not come again
And I want to remember
How it feels to touch you
How I feel so much
Since I found you
Looking through the eyes of love

Repeat II - Chords two frets higher

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