Thursday, 18 January 2007

Interesting book on website accessibility

Found while doing a search on a problem I've been having with a page
containing two forms, and they both have an input textbox with

The problem: One form on the page contains a search box, and the other
is a form for posting comments. Now what happens is when I'm in the
comment form, at the first textbox, when I press tab to get to the
next textbox, I end up going to the search box instead, I think
because it has tabindex="1" also.

And his advice is:

"Of course, if there's a search field on every page but the content of
the page in question consists of a separate form not duplicated
elsewhere, then that big form is what takes precedence."

Though there's no advice on what to do about the conflicting tabindex
values. Maybe I should just experiment and see how it works out. Hmm..
interesting idea.

I like what he has to say about "Reset" buttons:

"In general, Reset buttons are a miserable idea. Real-world visitors
are quite likely to hit the button by accident and wipe out everything
they have entered in the form. Web developers seem to include Reset
buttons because HTML makes it easy. I've been online since before
there even was a Web and I can tell you categorically that I have
never once found a Reset button that truly needed to be there."

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