Tuesday, 23 May 2006

Okay, let us start collating our linkies

Til Opera is able to export a session and save it online somehow, I'll just have to do it the old-fashioned way.. create a blog entry for the links.

Top 10 OSS Games you've never played - http://akaimbatman.intelligentblogger.com/wordpress/

So maybe Al Gore did kinda invent the Intarweb - http://www.sethf.com/gore/


Kinda like serverside.com - Info Q

The latest thing to catch my fancy - Self help stuff ala-Anthony Robbins and subliminal messages. Yay

I still haven't been able to download the damn thing - but Starlords is just geek dream come true -- LOTR AND STAR WARS mashup

BBC Podcasts

Google Video Top 100 -- check out Alizee at - -arrrgh!! I think she's dropped out of the list.. anyway, find her stuff at http://video.google.com/videosearch?q=alizee

Interesting essay about contemporary design - much noise signifying nothing - kinda like what happened to surrealism, which was originally rooted in the subconscious. But now everyone's a surrealist!

Clean up that metadata before loading your iPod! You won't regret it and mp3 tag is one of the best

While you're at it, add some cover art to your albums as well.

Additional iPod linkies - http://www.gudlyf.com/2004/08/19/obscure-ipod-audiobook-issue/, ripping audiobooks, converting audio formats, importing audiobooks. I should really read the iPod instructions one of these days. At least set it up so Richard Clarke doesnt intrude on your shuffled songs, dude! "President Bush and Condi Rice stood in the Oval Office..." -- bla bla... Aaaargh! really destroys the mood you've just gotten into after hearing The Cramps' "She Said".

Gad. Doncha hate it when geeks start posing like they're in GQ? Those WROX Books set a baaaad example!! I hope O'Reilly never ever gets rid of the animal line drawings. =)

Someday, I will fill in this big gap of blog posts between February and May, when a lot actually did happen to me, including:

  • Philippines Trip, BenC's wedding, getting drunk for the 2nd time in my life (though didnt get photos of myself)

  • Girlie and Jasmine going home (wah!) and hopefully coming back later this year or next year

  • getting my wisdom teeth out, surviving on porridge and pumpkin soup for the first 4 days

  • reassembling and slightly upgrading my PC

  • oh, almost losing my hard drive and all my goddam photos

  • major RAID plans for the new PC, as a result of the hard drive scare

  • had the degustation dinner at Quay restaurant for my birthday

  • then Billy Kwong's for Lani's last nite (we got postponed last week as they were closed for a private function)

  • making the move to ADSL2+ and getting a 10x jump in bandwidth

Of course, these are in no order at all, and are just the first things to pop into my head!

Okay, time to go. This will make sense later, after much editing.

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