Sunday, 18 December 2005

Reconciling online personas

Sometimes it's just not worth it, all this subterfuge with online identities.

I posted a comment on my friend's blog, telling him about a gig I saw and how it was the most awesome gig ever, what they played, etc etc.

Then on another occasion, after he told me how he was going to check 'em out in San Francisco, I told him how he was going to love the final song they played in their encore. I then tried to get him to guess what song they would play. I finally tell him, and then he reminds me, "Uh, yeah, you already told me that on my blog". I'm a bit confused at first and then I realised I was probably posting using another username. And then I had to think - which one was I using? Was it my flickr user? Gmail? Yahoo? Blogger? Hotmail? Bah!

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