Sunday, 3 July 2005

Thailand Chronicles

Day 1, Phuket

Arrived at around 6.20am, on Thai Airways. Flight was fairly uneventful, unlike other recent plane trips plagued with delays. Couldn't help but compare everything with Qantas.

Thai Airways

- More legroom! We both noticed this immediately. It probably makes more of a difference when you're on a long-haul international flight, but it's always good to not risk that DVT-feeling when flying.
- The stewardesses have much nicer gowns. Form-hugging uniforms on service staff are always a pleasure to enjoy watching.
- Better food.

- fewer drink choices. No coke at all, only juice. Doesnt seem to be as systematic in distributing food, eg, stewardess comes out with a tray instead of trolley containing everything, means she has to go back to seats if a selection runs out.
- no toiletries pack with eyecover and toothbrush, but lani found toothbrush kit in toilet.
- female staff not as hot. But then Qantas have the same issue. Only Virgin Blue seem to have consistent hotties.
- less liquor choice. not that it affects me.
- no personal video screen
- crappy audio. or is it the headphones. sound keeps breaking up.
- snacks were cold.

Arrived in Phuket, picked up by Tour East and taken to hotel. They inspect for bombs under the vehicles! seriously kids.. if you wanted to blow up a place, wouldn't you be wearing the bomb, or at least keep it inside the car or in luggage. Got driven in golf cart to our very excellent room! Great view but smells kinda funny (smell gone on 2nd day).

slept and woke up at 11. went to hotel restaurant only to be told breakfast had ended at 10.30. damn, and it was free too! doh. we order instead. lani gets salmon and i get pad thai. their pad thai comes inside an omelet! wow, never seen it like that before. A+++ for presentation.

Day 2, Phuket
9 - went to stretching class. only lani and i were there. we were led by this dark, muscular thai guy, mostly exercises we already knew. got my heart rate up on the rowing machine! decently-equipped gym. the guy laughs at every opportunity it seems - a very thai trait, apparently.

9.45 - had brekkie. great variety. not just western dishes, but also some Asian touches. Fried rice and noodles! Pork sausages! They've got itlog na maalat (salted egg) and dilis with peanuts! If only they had tocino, we could've had tocilog, and it'd be perfect.

Day 1, Bangkok
(to be continued)

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