Wednesday, 18 May 2005

17 May - Wong Kar Wai Retrospective, Dendy Opera Quays

Test post. Let's see if mailing to this address will publish on blogspot.

Managed to get to Dendy Opera Quays in time for the screening of Wong
Kar Wai's "Fallen Angels". About a hit man, his point girl, a mute
scam artist, his psycho would-be girlfriend. One of the clearest examples of the WKW- Chris Doyle (cinematographer) combination. Some scenes tended to be blatantly self-indulgent but at times, done with such inventiveness that you don't really mind at all (ie, the scene with Takeshi Kaneshiro and Charlie Young at the bar, seemingly filmed with a time lapse camera, everyone around them moving in a blur, and TK slowly trying to nuzzle Charlie).

More people came in to catch the next one
"Chungking Express". Oh boy, more Tony Leung, this time being stalked
by a skinny but cute psycho chick played by Faye Wong. But that's the second part. The first part is about a drug smuggling attempt, and a heartbroken cop. More satisfying than the former, that's for sure.

More later, I'll edit this post anyway. Bla bla bla...

Must remember to leave work earlier next time. Was extremely lucky to get across town to Circular Quay in 30 minutes.

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